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Pool Cage Rescreening

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Maybe you bought a home with a dilapidated screen enclosure. However, you may have noticed that the surrounding homes have beautiful, well-maintained screen enclosures. In fact, you may have visited your neighbors and enjoyed the moments that you spent under their pool enclosures or screen enclosures. Guaranteeing the good conditions of your screen enclosure around your pool, patio, or porch ensures you fun throughout the year. Call our expert team to meet your needs at the most affordable price.


Modern Pool Cage Painting is here to ensure high quality screen repair services on pool cages, patios, lanais & screen rooms in your property to warranted you enjoy and relax without being concerned about rain, sun, dirt, or undesired insects. We deliver the most affordable service in Florida. Rescreening is easier now and even better, affordable like never before. Call us now to enlist our services and enjoy discounts. "Screened in Porch".


Modern Pool Cage Painting provides quality Sarasota pool cage rescreening and repair service at a reasonable price. Rescreening a pool cage becomes necessary for numerous reasons. The metal enclosures of your pool screen can become unstable after being oxidized over time. This can lead to tear and loosening of the screen.

The aging process of the pool enclosure can also be accelerated by mildew; fungus, dirt, and mold build up. This can lead to repair or complete replacement of the screen enclosures. Our goal is to ensure that you have a properly functioning pool cage enclosure. Whether you want us to replace just a panel or rescreen the entire pool cage, trust us to do an awesome job. 

Our Goal

Our professional team will ensure you get what you and your family always wanted, a clean, debris free environment to fully enjoy open spaces and quality family time as never before.

You will never need again to visit a friend to enjoy clean, dirt free pool. You will be able now to invite them over and be proud of it.

Types of screen

18x14 Phifer Glass "$"

Pool Cage Painters; Pool Enclosure Painting; Enclosures Refurbishing; aluminum paint Services; FL

This effective Fiberglass is now the most common screen used for enclosure screen, patios and porches. This is an affordable, great visibility and long-lasting products. Now in combination with our lowest rates in the market, offers you and your family inexpensive protection with our pool cage rescreening services.

NO-SEE-UMS (20x20 Mesh) "$$"

Pool Enclosure Restoration; Screen Repair; Screen Enclosure Painting; Pool Cage Re-screening; Tampa

A product with unique properties. It is tightly woven to effectively keep no-see-ums, midges, gnats and other insects away, highly durable, making them ideal for use in pool cages, porch, and patio enclosure screen to ensure maximum protection.

PetScreen (Pet-Proof Screens) "$$"

Super Screen Heavy Duty; Phifer SunScreen; pool cage painting; pool enclosure; enclosure restoration

Pet Screen is made from vinyl coated polyester. It is much stronger than traditional fiberglass or aluminum screening. Pet Screen is 7 times stronger than traditional enclosure screen mesh.

Sun-Screen Shade Screening "$$$"

18x14 Phifer Glass Screen; NO-SEE-UMS 20x20 Mesh; Phifer Pet Screen ; Florida Glass, Privacy Screen

It creates an awesome outward visibility, minimizes heat loss during winter, minimizes heat gain during summer, provides uniformity in a building's exterior, filters light, blocks the sun without interfering with the view, keeps insects away while allowing a cool breeze to get in, helps with energy conservation, reduces fading

Phifer Tuff-screen (Super Screen) "$$"

pool cage painting; pool enclosure; paint; pool enclosure restoration; screen; rescreen; patio; FL

Super Screen is long enduring and pet, hail, golf's balls and UV resistant and perfect for your replacement enclosure screen and ideal for most applications where there is heavy or harsh usage: 

Florida Glass (Privacy Screen) "$$$"

pool enclosure restoration; pool cage painting; screen repair; rescreening; screened porches; lanai

Florida Glass screen is used in enclosure screen sections of the pool cage for privacy as well, is a laminated screen also used in pool enclosures around the bottom to keep out grass clippings and bugs.

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